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Employment Contracts in Texas

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Whether you are bringing on an independent contractor in a temporary capacity or hiring a new full-time worker, a quality employment contract can protect the best interests of both yourself as the employer and your new employee. With an employment agreement in place, you as the employer have thoroughly laid the groundwork for what you can expect of your new associate and they, in turn, are aware of what is expected of them.

A good employment agreement will detail numerous aspects of the employer/employee agreement, including things such as rate of pay, working hours, working duties, and consequences of contract violation. Without a written and acknowledged agreement, you could lose your ability to protect yourself from a wrongful termination lawsuit in the event you need to end your relationship.

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Sound Agreements in an “At-Will” State

The state of Texas allows employment to be considered “At Will,” which means an employer could terminate the employment of one of their workers at any time, so long as the termination is not for refusal to do anything illegal while on the job. An employment agreement can protect or modify this, such as by designating a term of employment or specific duties that will be performed.

Employment agreements can include some of the following terms of employment:

  • Rate of pay
  • Method and frequency of pay distribution
  • Work location
  • Job duties and responsibilities
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Expected results

With a thoroughly drafted and carefully vetted employment agreement, all of these aspects of an employment term and more can be covered and clearly outlined to avoid any confusion or conflicts for the duration of an employment relationship. If either side should violate the terms of the agreement, then the other would be legally protected by the agreement should the need to go to court arise.

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