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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Complying with Your Own Privacy Policies in the Digital Age

    Unless you are reading this article as a print out or in the public library, your business is in the digital age. Every document and contract you create, from employment contracts to complex business litigation agreements , is first drafted on a computer, no doubt, and all your records are digitized as well. Despite all of the incredible benefits of the digital age, it has also ushered in new and ...
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  • Preparing for Business Immigration Changes Under a New President

    You cannot bring in a new presidential administration without also bringing a completely different viewpoint on America’s biggest issues, concerns, and regulations. The Trump Administration has promised to focus on immigration in particular, including how business immigration laws are created or changed. Much of Trump’s campaign focused on using legislation to protect American jobs and direct the ...
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  • Your Right to Write Negative Reviews Is Now Federally Protected

    The online business review site Yelp has proven to be an impeccable and irreplaceable tool for consumers and business owners alike. Thanks to the website and others like it, consumers can know what to expect when walking into the vast majority of establishments for the first time, assuming reviews are unbiased and numerous. However, up until just a few months ago, freely expressing your opinion of ...
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  • Your Unique Business Idea Can Be Protected by Texas Trade Secret Law

    So many of the most notable businesses and brands in the world were all started with one, unique idea that was developed masterfully into a global name. From Kentucky Fried Chicken to Coca-Cola to the ever-popular Google, all of these companies, and more, desperately need to keep their ideas under wraps to stay ahead of competitors and profitable. If you run a business in Texas, odds are you have ...
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