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  • Understanding Workplace Retaliation

    When an employer is accused of workplace retaliation, it can deeply affect the morale of a staff and ultimately cost the company significant financial damages and legal fees. Retaliation is also one of the most serious allegations that can be made against an employer. It alleges that employees are not safe from vindictive actions of managers and the company leadership is willing to act on spite. ...
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  • Wage & Payment Laws in Texas

    Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers in the United States are required to be paid a minimum amount for the hours they work, and the payment must be delivered in a timely fashion. However, the laws allow for numerous exemptions due to the nature of work, the industry, and several other factors. Minimum Wage in Texas Currently, the minimum wage in Texas is the same as the federal minimum ...
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  • 5 Common & Avoidable Mistakes Employers Make

    Employment-related lawsuits can be an expensive headache for employers, even if the case ultimately resolves in their favor. However, many of the most common types of employment claims can be avoided through consistency and good policies. In this blog, our Houston employment lawyers take a look at five common mistakes made by employers. 1. Improperly Drafted & Inconsistently Applied Policies ...
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